Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hot For Each Other

I had met her online. A chance meeting. Didn't even know I was talking to her. A friend of a friend. Before you knew it, we had hit it off and were the best of friends.

We had talked for weeks, each of us knowing, without speaking, that the other was very attracted to the other.

We had flirted and hinted that we would be interested in the other, that we could do things that both of us had fantasized about in private and subliminally talked about in some very suggestive private chat.

As the weeks passed, that flirting and hinting turned into longing and caring. We now spent hours every day just interacting with each other. It wasn't healthy and we both knew it, but we didn't care and just kept doing it.

She said she'd meet me, come towards me, drive hours just to meet me. I believed her.

She had done that before, and just done it with another, and said she would do it to meet me.

At one point, she had spoken it out loud, how she had just had a great weekend with an old lover. A great sexual encounter, how she had many orgasms, so many that she had lost count, and how great it was.
She had driven seven hours to meet him, and that she would come for me if I was willing.

I was.
She had talked about being a giver, that she liked to give pleasure, that she liked to be looked at and that she liked to be watched as she was taken from behind.
Was she hinting to me that she wanted me to do those things to her? She was. She admitted to that.
I told her of a dream I had the night before about her and me. She said she wanted to hear it, so I did. How I dreamed of sitting on the couch with her, touching her, kissing her, french kissing her, putting my hands on her bare breasts, under her top. I told her in my dream she wasn't wearing a bra and she marveled at how I knew that about her, how I knew her so well, how we knew each other so well. She told me she had fantasies about me, about us.In the dream I woke up just as I was about to go further with her. She said that was a shame. She wanted it to go further. Much further than that.
We decided to meet halfway, for the day and meet for lunch. Just lunch, in a public place. We had spoken previously about possibly kissing, and how great that would be. We didn't speak it, but we both knew we would kiss. We just had to see if that chemistry we felt, was real.
As we met in the restaurant, we embraced in a hug. A close hug. We weren't shy with each other. We were already very comfortable with each other, and as we leaned in she had no problem pressing her chest against mine, and I could feel her fairly large, but proportional breasts against me, and she definitely wanted me to feel them.
In the midst of the embrace, she gently kissed my neck, and very close to my ear, and briefly we kissed on the lips, a soft peck but not a passionate kiss. We did lock eyes for a second, and there was a tacit understanding that there would be more, but later.
We sat down at the restaurant, and we ordered. It was a booth and we sat down next to each other. She was in a nice blouse, and her nipples were poking through, erect because was turned on and hot. She had a nice jean skirt on, and her sexy legs were visible.
As we sat there, the conversation flowed. Sparks were definitely there, but we were keeping it on the safe side for now. We ordered, her a fish taco, and me the usual, plate of fries and a cream soda.
We were sitting very close, and at this point our hands were close enough to touch, and we gradually let that happen, both of us knowing that we were doing that.
I got that feeling, that feeling you get when you really feel desire for a woman and to hold her soft hands for the first time. I was sure she felt the same, and as we held hands and waited for the food to come she moved my hand onto her leg just above her knee. We were closer now and we began to kiss. Soft tender kisses, this time much more passionate and loving, and there was some tongue this time.
She had said she was a great kisser, and she definitely was. As we kissed, she moved my hand closer to her mid section and as it got there, she was getting hotter. As it got closer, it was evident that she wasn't wearing any panties. As I put my hand closer to her pussy, it was also clear that she was very wet.
She now had her hands around my neck, we were embracing, but not kissing, her lips at the base of my ear, as I gently put my index finger inside her and started to tease her and gently play with her clit with my thumb. 
We stopped just in time as lunch arrived, and we settled in to each of our lunches, both of us still thinking about what would happen next. We chatted, as we were also good friends and ate our lunch.
After lunch we went out to the parking lot, and as we stopped she leaned back against her car, and our hands came together, this time no hesitation, we were full out kissing. Our arms all over each other.
All the talk, all the smoldering passion underneath for months had now come to a head in one big rush. It was a tornado of passion. Exploding in one big rush to the point that it was almost overwhelming. We kissed and petted for 10 minutes or so.
There was a hotel just down the road and she got in my car and we headed towards it. We had planned to keep it friendly and not get physical, but we both knew before we arrived that would not happen, and it hadn't. The passion, the connection, the chemistry was too great to overcome.
As we entered the room, we came together and I pressed against her as she was against the wall. My hands now underneath her blouse, cupping her breasts with my hand and teasing her nipples hard with my thumb. She had told me she had very sensitive nipples and the more I played with them, the hotter she was getting and the more passionate the kisses became.
By this point she had lifted my t-shirt off and was kissing my chest,  and I was about to undue the last button and see those wondrous breasts in full splendor for the first time. They were everything I had thought they would be and more. She turned around, grabbed both of my hands with hers and maneuvered them over her breasts and we caressed them together.
Her skirt was now lifted up and I was still dressed but humping against her behind. She was very fit but also a well rounded woman, just as a woman should be.

We had all day, but we didn't need it. There had been too much build up, and we were gonna get right to it.
All she had left on was her skirt..and that was coming off right now. I removed my shorts and we were both completely naked. She lay back on the bed, and I got right on top. My complete body on top of her complete body. All the talk was now over.
We kissed. And kissed. And kissed some more. She was everything I thought she would be. Soft in all the right places, and very tender in her kisses.
Her breasts were supple..and aching for me to suck. Her nipples were very hard and inviting. She had been dreaming of me sucking them for weeks, months..and now I was.
Her hands wrapped around my neck as I made circles around the base of her nipples, teasing them even harder. Licking and sucking one as I took my thumb and index finger and played with the other.
As we were naked, I was very hard, and she was very wet. I wasn't inside her yet, but could feel how wet she was as I brushed by her clit as I continued to play with her breasts. With every suck, with every lick, with every caress and stroke, she got hotter.
We had waited so long for this moment, both of us thinking about it day and night for weeks, that there was no waiting around to have intimate foreplay. We wanted to get right at it.
I moved  my head back up towards her, and we began kissing again. This time though, we were looking into each others eyes, and the passion we had held back for weeks was now being released.
I entered her immediately, and that first penetration was a golden moment. It wasn't that we were fucking, it was more that we were releasing that desire we had held within for many weeks. It felt great because we connected on many levels, and this just enhanced that.
We did it slow and easy, and moved our bodies against each other slow and easy. The kissing got more and more intense, and I could feel her nipples hard as they grazed against my chest. She was every bit as beautiful as I'd imagined, and the reality of actually touching her and fulfilling the dreams I'd had was almost hard to believe.
Just as I was about to cum inside her, she stopped me and pushed me back.
"Babe, I want to be on top" as she got up and mounted me as I now lay back.
I never told her this, but I had a second dream about us, one where I was in a bedroom sleeping, and she came in naked, awoke me,  and mounted me as I lay back. I didn't know if she had had that same dream, but she was now doing exactly the thing I had dreamed of. In the dream, She got on top of me, but as she was about to mount me, I had woken up again and didn't get to finish that dream.
Now it was real, not a dream. I could see her pretty face, her wondrous breasts, her bulging mound as she gyrated against me. We went on like this for about 45 minutes, and at times I did various different things to her as she achieved multiple orgasms. I held off from cumming inside her, but I certainly wanted to.
As we were nearing the end, and I was about to cum, she leaned forward and kissed me passionately, and then arched her back, grabbed her breasts and then motioned for me to suck them one last time as we came together. She then leaned back, and as I put all my weight on her, one big burst inside her jolted through her entire being and we came at exactly the same time.
It was everything and more we both thought it would be, and if we never did it again, never saw each other again,  at least we would always know and never wonder what it would have been like to taste and experience each other.
We were no longer hot for each other. We were just hot. And bothered. And fulfilled. And content.

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