Friday, November 11, 2011



Tell me something, just between the two of us:

What is it that makes you cum when you're alone with just your own hungry, horny mind?

What do you like to--no, need to imagine to bring about that sweet release?

What position is she in?' You can tell me. Truth is, I already know.

Is she submissive? Tied up? Kneeling down? Or are you?

Say it! Write it! Draw it! Confess! Here is the truth of it: You are standing over her, your hands around the back of her head as she kneels before you. Or maybe you're leaning back in a comfy chair. Or against the headboard in your bed. But she is kneeing before you, this I know.

Tell me you imagine just ramming your cock down her throat. Then yank her head back by her hair just enough to look down and see her hanging breasts.

Tell me this is not making you horny now.


My response


She wakes up horny. She just wants to be fucked. Not about making love. Not about the love of her life. She has needs and she needs them filled.  She has been dreaming all night. About being licked,  kissed, sucked and penetrated. Until she can't take it anymore.
But those were just dreams. Now she is awake, lying in bed. Just a nightie on to cover her burning hot flesh that is aching for touch. Human touch. A mans touch.
Underneath, just her panties on. They are wet from her dreams and the thought of me running my tongue all over her body.
Visualizing her with her panties still on, her hand inside them. Her thinking of me, of my tongue inside her. Inside her pussy, lips separated as I lick her clit. Her back arched and her boobs like mountains, but firm and taught.
 Those panties are now off and lay on the floor. They are not needed anymore.
She is awake now but still thinking, fantasizing about her dream lover. Me. I am that dream lover. Kissing her neck as I move lower, then teasing her nipples until they are hard. In reality, they are hard now, thinking about me teasing them hard has made them hard. Fantasy and reality are now blurred. How inviting they are. Just aching for my soft lips to take them in my mouth and kiss them like I was kissing her lips.
Suddenly it is not fantasy anymore. I am there. On her. In her. One with her. Our bodies rock back and forth together. We kiss passionately as I push inside her. Each push in and out more intense than the one before. The light in her eyes as it glows in ecstasy.
Now she is on her stomach on the bed. Her shapely hips and inviting ass spread as I lean over her back with my chest. She likes it from behind. I can go deeper. Push harder. She can push back harder. Kiss the back of her neck and pull her hair as we are just about ready to cum together. In the mirror I see her naked body, nipples hard, pussy wet as I push inside her one last time. Her eyes closed, my hands on her hips, I shoot inside her as she screams out.
She pushed me away instantly. I am on my back. She wants to taste it. She takes my cock in her mouth and devours any amount of my cum she can. This satiates her greatest desire. Many parts of me are in many parts of her. 

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