Thursday, November 24, 2011

Older Woman

Older Woman

It was just another Sunday, like any other Sunday. Being single and carefree, I came and went as I pleased. That usually meant going to see my friend Kim at her music gig down on Carleton Street. It was always a jam, so you never knew who you might see there, but really it was a gig that she played mostly herself and the band she assembled.
On this Sunday, there wasn't much of a crowd. By the end of the third set it was becoming dark. I had taken the subway down to her gig, as I did most times I went to this gig, and was about to prepare to head home. Taking the subway in this case would come back to haunt me as the day progressed and events unfolded.
As usual, I sat and chatted with Kim for a bit.
"Hey, got any plans for tonight?" she said.
I didn't.
"No, just gonna go home and hang out" I replied.
"Why don't you come to my gig tonight, it should be a good one" she said.
I knew when she said that it usually was. Kim played the best and most interesting venues and there were always interesting people to meet. At the very least anyway there would be great music to listen to, since she always delivered that.
She had her car, we packed her gear into it and off we went to the gig. We stopped for dinner first, as there was a two hour gap. We shot the breeze and had a couple of burgers. She asked me if I was seeing anyone. I told her that I wasn't. She was still dating Barry, but it was going nowhere. He would be at the gig tonight so she would be preoccupied with him.
It had been about a year since I met Kim. She wasn't really my type and we really connected on the music end of it. She saw me writing at one of her gigs and came over and asked me what I was writing. When I showed her she liked what I had written and asked if I also sang. She commented that based on my speaking voice I would probably make a good singer as well, and we made a time to meet up at her place to work on the new songs and see if I could sing a bit. She was also a voice coach.
That time when I came over to her place, it was a quaint one bedroom basement apartment. She welcomed me in and we worked on a few songs I had brought. We sang them together. Obviously she was a major singing talent and I was not, but we could harmonize together. She got the melody of the lyrics that I was looking for.
As the night progressed she made me some coffee and we took a break and moved to the couch.
We continued to work on the songs, and we were sitting close. She was dressed relaxed, just a sweatshirt and track pants, and definitely no bra. She was a bit overweight, and not really my type, but she did have very large breasts and I noticed that a bit more this time.
She leaned into me..and we were very close. Our hands were touching and we could both sense that. She continued to lean into me..and I could feel her nipples were hard and against my arm. We both knew that and neither of us was backing away.
She looked up at me and we began to get closer and leaning towards a kiss. As we began to kiss, there was no hesitation on either side. Things were moving very fast and she moved my hand under her sweatshirt and onto her breasts and I could now feel with my fingers how taut her nipples were. There really was no turning back now.
She grabbed my hand and led me to her bedroom. As we got there, she stopped and I was directly behind her. She put both of my hands under her sweatshirt and I was now caressing both of her boobs with both hands as she leaned back into me.
"I have been thinking about this and waiting for this since the first day we met" she whispered into my ear as I lifted her sweatshirt off.
She then turned towards me and lifting off my t shirt and began kissing my chest, stopping at my nipples to suck them lightly as well. It was clear that her sultry and sexy singing was not limited to only singing.
She kept right on going and pulled my track pants off and had no hesitation as she began to suck me. I was very hard and erect and we both knew where this was going and had no intention of stopping it. It wasn't love, but it was pure lust. She did have big beautiful soft lips..and she knew how to use them.
She leaned back on the bed, and now I began in earnest to please her. We kissed for a bit while I was on top of her, completely naked, while she had now removed her track pants but still had her panties on. As we kissed I could feel how wet she was under those panties and my tongue was longing to be there to taste that.
I moved down her neck and began kissing her nipples, moving them together with my hands as I used my tongue to tease the area just below her nipples. I was very hard now and my cock was pressing against her mound that was still under her panties.
The sight of her very large breasts being kissed by my lips was more than I could stand. Although I really wanted to lick her pussy and tease her clit, in this case it was too much to wait. I quickly removed her panties and entered her in one shot, something I guess she didn't expect and she shrieked. We made passionate love for over an hour, and it was everything you would expect from a passionate woman like her.
After we were done, we went back to the living room and carried on with our writing for another hour, then I left. We never spoke about that again and it never affected our friendship. But I always got the impression that she had spread it around that I was a good lover, because many of her friends seemed more friendly after that day.
We got to the Kim's evening gig an hour early, so I hung around the bar. I noticed a different kind of vibe at this bar. Wasn't sure what it was, but it was different for sure. 
The band got set up and the crowd started to roll in. It then became apparent that there were a significant amount of gay men at this bar. It wasn't a gay bar, but for whatever reason most of the men were gay..and younger. Being 100% straight, this made me slightly uncomfortable, but it wasn't the first time Kim had led me into this sort of situation. As usual,  I just ignored it and minded my own business. As it turns out, the gig was sponsored by a group of Gay And Lesbian people, so it the turnout was hardly surprising.
There were also a few of Kim's women friends there which I knew from her other gigs. As the music began to play and many were dancing, I danced with Michelle, who I had always had the hots for and who had made a pass at me once at another gig. I did kiss her that one time, but it never went anywhere from there. She was significantly older than me, and we just didn't mesh enough to make it worth doing any more than that.
As we sat back down at our table, another young guy, Kurt, was sitting there. I was in my late twenties, but he was clearly 18 or 19. And he was obviously gay. He seemed like he was also a nice guy, and we chatted a bit. A few times he got up and danced with a few guys but he kept coming back to sit at our table. I danced a few times more with Michele, and we kissed again one or two times more, a little more passionately than the other times, but again, other than feeling her up a bit, it wasn't going anywhere.
I had always wanted to do more with Michelle, and I knew that she would have been willing. That first time we kissed she needed a ride home and I could have given her one. If I had I was sure she would have invited me in for a nightcap,  and much more. She had a smoldering passion and sensuality you find in only a handful of women in your life. She also was drop dead gorgeous and had a great smile, but it was that inner passion and sensuality that drew me to her. That one kiss we had confirmed that. It was very tender and sensual, and we certainly had a sexual chemistry. She also wasn't shy and was clearly letting me know she wanted more.
But that is a story for another time.

As Michele and I made our way back to the table, Kurt was now talking to a woman.  A very attractive older woman, somewhere in her mid to late 40s. She introduced herself to me as Karen, and as we chatted a bit she let me know that she was Kurt's mother. I commented that she couldn't be his mother, because she was so pretty and so young looking.
"This whole place is filled with gay guys" she blurted out to me.
Just as the next song came on, a slow song, she grabbed my hand and dragged me onto the dance floor. As we danced close, she certainly wasn't shy and pressed her boobs firmly against my chest and was caressing my behind.
"Kiss me" she said.
And we did. It wasn't a long or passionate kiss like with Michelle, but there were definitely sparks. We then sat down back at the table, as she led me back there we were holding hands.
We danced again, this time the kisses were longer and more involved. The song seemed to go on forever, and neither of us really noticed.
As the first set ended, we sat down and Kim came over to schmooze. Karen was there and was talking to Kurt. We all ordered food, and Karen and I shared a bit. Under the table, we were rubbing hands and she put my hand down under her skirt and towards her pussy, which was already very wet. She looked me in the eye as she moved my fingers inside or her. She was careful enough to make sure others couldn't see what we were doing, most specifically Kurt, but Kim and Michelle were looking at me, and they knew. However they both smiled at me and said nothing.
The second set started, and Karen and I danced again. This time it was much more friendly. As we sat down, she said she was going home and asked if I wanted to join her. I didn't have a car, and neither did she, so she hailed a cab. As we got in to the cab, a third person, a woman who clearly was a lesbian, a butch lesbian, got into the cab with us. This startled me, but Karen seemed to know her, so I wasn't terribly concerned.
The ride over to her condo was interesting. I didn't really know Karen at all, and her "friend" was certainly not my type of person to hang out with. I did feel a bit uncomfortable being in the cab with them, but I just rolled with it.
As the cab arrived at her building it was obvious she was a very rich woman. This was the type of building you usually see from the outside but never get to go in to. We all got in the elevator and went up to her condo, which was on the penthouse level. As we got in the apartment, the butch girl (Jesse) and I sat on the couch while Karen went to her bedroom. I really had no idea what to expect next. I wasn't nervous, but I did feel uneasy. I was with two women I only knew for less than two hours and who seemed to be a bit erratic.
Jesse and I really had nothing to say to each other. We both knew that we were there for pretty much the same reason: to fuck Karen, but neither of us wanted the other there.
Karen came out of the bedroom in a see through nightgown, and sat on the couch. We started to make out,  and Jesse was just watching. She said nothing and did nothing. This went on for about 10 minutes, and we were at the point where Karen and I were about to get naked.
Suddenly Karen got up and told Jesse she had to leave. But she didn't seem interested in that. They got up and argued a bit, then Karen led Jesse to the door and began to push her out and closed the door.
She came back to me and sat on the couch. We made out some more and I pulled the top of her nightgown off and began caressing her breasts. They were average size, but for a woman her age they were very perky and soft. Possibly the softest I remember of all the women I had been with to that stage and since. It was obvious she hadn't been touched in a while and was in heaven when I began to suck her nipples until they were very hard.
Just as we were about to go to the bedroom Jesse began banging on the door. We ignored her for a minute or two, then Karen went out into the hallway and they argued. I still to this day don't know why Karen brought her up to the condo, but I suspect that it had something to do with her son. After about 10 minutes, Karen came back into the condo and Jesse was gone for good.
This time though, we stopped kissing and were just lightly touching and we talked for about an hour. It had been a long day and was close to 1am by this point. The talk was very intense and we learned a bit about each other, then started to kiss again and since she didn't have any panties on I had my fingers inside her. She said she wanted to go to bed, and wanted me to tuck her in. I said ok.
All of my clothes were still on, but as we entered her bedroom, she lifted her nightgown up over her head and was completely naked. She got under the covers and told me to tuck her in. So I did. As I was just about finished pulling the covers on her she grabbed my neck and started to kiss. She then whispered in my ear
"I want you to make me cum"
It was very late, and I didn't have any condoms on me. I wanted to be inside her very badly, but what could I do? I asked her if there were any drugstores open at this time of night, and she said no. We continued to make out and as we did she slipped my pants and underwear off. I was now this close to being inside her, but didn't . I rubbed my cock up against her clit,  enough to excite her, but never penetrated. This went on for quite a while and we were virtually making love, but never actually had intercourse. At one point I did remove all the covers and went down on her for about 20 minutes, until she came multiple times.
I looked up at the clock and it was now 2:15. I said I had to go. She said wasn't there any way I could come inside her, and I said no, but that I could come back the next  night and finish the job. She gave me her number and said to make sure I called. 
It wasn't until I got down to the lobby and onto the street that I realized the subway was closed and I only had 20 bucks left in my pocket. My only option was now a taxi, and it was going be an expensive ride. All the way home, all I could think about is that I wished I had a condom in my wallet. But I didn't.
I called her the next day,  left a couple of messages, and never heard from her again. I still think of her, and how I wished I had fucked her. I also think how lucky I was that Karen and Jesse didn't rob and kill me. It was quite a night, one I will never forget.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hot For Each Other

I had met her online. A chance meeting. Didn't even know I was talking to her. A friend of a friend. Before you knew it, we had hit it off and were the best of friends.

We had talked for weeks, each of us knowing, without speaking, that the other was very attracted to the other.

We had flirted and hinted that we would be interested in the other, that we could do things that both of us had fantasized about in private and subliminally talked about in some very suggestive private chat.

As the weeks passed, that flirting and hinting turned into longing and caring. We now spent hours every day just interacting with each other. It wasn't healthy and we both knew it, but we didn't care and just kept doing it.

She said she'd meet me, come towards me, drive hours just to meet me. I believed her.

She had done that before, and just done it with another, and said she would do it to meet me.

At one point, she had spoken it out loud, how she had just had a great weekend with an old lover. A great sexual encounter, how she had many orgasms, so many that she had lost count, and how great it was.
She had driven seven hours to meet him, and that she would come for me if I was willing.

I was.
She had talked about being a giver, that she liked to give pleasure, that she liked to be looked at and that she liked to be watched as she was taken from behind.
Was she hinting to me that she wanted me to do those things to her? She was. She admitted to that.
I told her of a dream I had the night before about her and me. She said she wanted to hear it, so I did. How I dreamed of sitting on the couch with her, touching her, kissing her, french kissing her, putting my hands on her bare breasts, under her top. I told her in my dream she wasn't wearing a bra and she marveled at how I knew that about her, how I knew her so well, how we knew each other so well. She told me she had fantasies about me, about us.In the dream I woke up just as I was about to go further with her. She said that was a shame. She wanted it to go further. Much further than that.
We decided to meet halfway, for the day and meet for lunch. Just lunch, in a public place. We had spoken previously about possibly kissing, and how great that would be. We didn't speak it, but we both knew we would kiss. We just had to see if that chemistry we felt, was real.
As we met in the restaurant, we embraced in a hug. A close hug. We weren't shy with each other. We were already very comfortable with each other, and as we leaned in she had no problem pressing her chest against mine, and I could feel her fairly large, but proportional breasts against me, and she definitely wanted me to feel them.
In the midst of the embrace, she gently kissed my neck, and very close to my ear, and briefly we kissed on the lips, a soft peck but not a passionate kiss. We did lock eyes for a second, and there was a tacit understanding that there would be more, but later.
We sat down at the restaurant, and we ordered. It was a booth and we sat down next to each other. She was in a nice blouse, and her nipples were poking through, erect because was turned on and hot. She had a nice jean skirt on, and her sexy legs were visible.
As we sat there, the conversation flowed. Sparks were definitely there, but we were keeping it on the safe side for now. We ordered, her a fish taco, and me the usual, plate of fries and a cream soda.
We were sitting very close, and at this point our hands were close enough to touch, and we gradually let that happen, both of us knowing that we were doing that.
I got that feeling, that feeling you get when you really feel desire for a woman and to hold her soft hands for the first time. I was sure she felt the same, and as we held hands and waited for the food to come she moved my hand onto her leg just above her knee. We were closer now and we began to kiss. Soft tender kisses, this time much more passionate and loving, and there was some tongue this time.
She had said she was a great kisser, and she definitely was. As we kissed, she moved my hand closer to her mid section and as it got there, she was getting hotter. As it got closer, it was evident that she wasn't wearing any panties. As I put my hand closer to her pussy, it was also clear that she was very wet.
She now had her hands around my neck, we were embracing, but not kissing, her lips at the base of my ear, as I gently put my index finger inside her and started to tease her and gently play with her clit with my thumb. 
We stopped just in time as lunch arrived, and we settled in to each of our lunches, both of us still thinking about what would happen next. We chatted, as we were also good friends and ate our lunch.
After lunch we went out to the parking lot, and as we stopped she leaned back against her car, and our hands came together, this time no hesitation, we were full out kissing. Our arms all over each other.
All the talk, all the smoldering passion underneath for months had now come to a head in one big rush. It was a tornado of passion. Exploding in one big rush to the point that it was almost overwhelming. We kissed and petted for 10 minutes or so.
There was a hotel just down the road and she got in my car and we headed towards it. We had planned to keep it friendly and not get physical, but we both knew before we arrived that would not happen, and it hadn't. The passion, the connection, the chemistry was too great to overcome.
As we entered the room, we came together and I pressed against her as she was against the wall. My hands now underneath her blouse, cupping her breasts with my hand and teasing her nipples hard with my thumb. She had told me she had very sensitive nipples and the more I played with them, the hotter she was getting and the more passionate the kisses became.
By this point she had lifted my t-shirt off and was kissing my chest,  and I was about to undue the last button and see those wondrous breasts in full splendor for the first time. They were everything I had thought they would be and more. She turned around, grabbed both of my hands with hers and maneuvered them over her breasts and we caressed them together.
Her skirt was now lifted up and I was still dressed but humping against her behind. She was very fit but also a well rounded woman, just as a woman should be.

We had all day, but we didn't need it. There had been too much build up, and we were gonna get right to it.
All she had left on was her skirt..and that was coming off right now. I removed my shorts and we were both completely naked. She lay back on the bed, and I got right on top. My complete body on top of her complete body. All the talk was now over.
We kissed. And kissed. And kissed some more. She was everything I thought she would be. Soft in all the right places, and very tender in her kisses.
Her breasts were supple..and aching for me to suck. Her nipples were very hard and inviting. She had been dreaming of me sucking them for weeks, months..and now I was.
Her hands wrapped around my neck as I made circles around the base of her nipples, teasing them even harder. Licking and sucking one as I took my thumb and index finger and played with the other.
As we were naked, I was very hard, and she was very wet. I wasn't inside her yet, but could feel how wet she was as I brushed by her clit as I continued to play with her breasts. With every suck, with every lick, with every caress and stroke, she got hotter.
We had waited so long for this moment, both of us thinking about it day and night for weeks, that there was no waiting around to have intimate foreplay. We wanted to get right at it.
I moved  my head back up towards her, and we began kissing again. This time though, we were looking into each others eyes, and the passion we had held back for weeks was now being released.
I entered her immediately, and that first penetration was a golden moment. It wasn't that we were fucking, it was more that we were releasing that desire we had held within for many weeks. It felt great because we connected on many levels, and this just enhanced that.
We did it slow and easy, and moved our bodies against each other slow and easy. The kissing got more and more intense, and I could feel her nipples hard as they grazed against my chest. She was every bit as beautiful as I'd imagined, and the reality of actually touching her and fulfilling the dreams I'd had was almost hard to believe.
Just as I was about to cum inside her, she stopped me and pushed me back.
"Babe, I want to be on top" as she got up and mounted me as I now lay back.
I never told her this, but I had a second dream about us, one where I was in a bedroom sleeping, and she came in naked, awoke me,  and mounted me as I lay back. I didn't know if she had had that same dream, but she was now doing exactly the thing I had dreamed of. In the dream, She got on top of me, but as she was about to mount me, I had woken up again and didn't get to finish that dream.
Now it was real, not a dream. I could see her pretty face, her wondrous breasts, her bulging mound as she gyrated against me. We went on like this for about 45 minutes, and at times I did various different things to her as she achieved multiple orgasms. I held off from cumming inside her, but I certainly wanted to.
As we were nearing the end, and I was about to cum, she leaned forward and kissed me passionately, and then arched her back, grabbed her breasts and then motioned for me to suck them one last time as we came together. She then leaned back, and as I put all my weight on her, one big burst inside her jolted through her entire being and we came at exactly the same time.
It was everything and more we both thought it would be, and if we never did it again, never saw each other again,  at least we would always know and never wonder what it would have been like to taste and experience each other.
We were no longer hot for each other. We were just hot. And bothered. And fulfilled. And content.

Eight Ball

I knew Kelly Kavanaugh from Kim's Tuesday jam on the Danforth at Quinn's. I had come to see Kim sing, but Kelly was great too. I always thought that Kim was the best live singer I had ever seen, but Kelly was as good if not better.
I rarely went to see Kelly sing at her own gigs, but she mentioned this one duet she was doing and I thought I would check it out.
There was never any danger of being attracted to Kelly. She was pretty enough, but certainly not my type in any way. I never minded a woman with a few extra pounds, but Kelly was grossly overweight and I have never found that attractive. However, I did like her personality and enjoyed her company,  and most of her interesting friends.
As I arrived at O'Reilleys, it seemed just like any other sports bar. The big screen TVs, the music blaring, the smell of chicken wings. A nice, quaint, good time bar with good time people. It was upscale enough that I didn't have to be concerned with bar fights and skanks hitting on me.
I spotted Kelly sitting at a table eating a salad, and sat down with her.
"Kelly, how goes it?"
"Great Mark, good to see you finally make it out to one of my gigs.
Kelly was sitting alone, but there was another plate,  with another salad on it.
It wasn't long before I found out who that plate belonged to. Kelly went up to start her first set, and I continued to sit at her table and ordered some fries. I love fries, and always ordered them at any bar I went to.
A few songs into the set, a girl, a beautiful girl, Mary Ann, sat down at the table, and started to eat the other salad.
"Hi, I'm Mary Ann, you?"
"I'm Mark, a friend of Kelly's"
She had a sweet smile and seemingly a shy and sweet personality. Or so I thought.
It was evident quickly that she was interested in me and we hit it off right away. I didn't let on that I was interested in her, because quite frankly, I had had a long week and wasn't really interested in hooking up this night. I already had two lousy dates that week, and I really just came for the music this time.

We felt comfortable enough with each other that she took fries right off my plate and we shared them. As Kelly's first set ended, she came back to the table and sat down.
"Oh, I see you two have met"
It was obvious that my previous exploits had traveled from Kim, to Kelly..and now to Mary Ann. They looked at each other and I knew that they had spoken about some of the things I had done, with Karen, and Kim,  and Michelle..and many others.
I didn't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that Mary Ann was interested in getting a taste of that action.
Mary Ann and I chatted for a few minutes while Kelly talked to another of her musician friends then got up and went to the washroom. Mary Ann kept giving me that "kiss me, fuck me" look as we chatted and looked into each others eyes. She wanted it, and I knew it.
She said "there is a pool table in the back room, I'm not very good, wanna play,  and you can teach me?"
"Sure, lets go"
So we made our way back to the pool room, and began to play. It was true,  she wasn't very good, but neither of us cared, because we both knew we weren't there to play pool. It was a small room,  and when you shot your turn, it was close quarters. She made sure I was aware of that, and I certainly was.
I hadn't noticed when we chatted, but under her sweater, she had no bra on, and her nipples were hard and I could see that. And she knew I could see that, and she wanted me to see that.
In spite of all  that, I still resisted touching her. I just had a feeling it was gonna be a bad idea. Later, a few months later, I was to find out that it was.
She leaned over to take a shot and told me to show her how to do it right. I knew if I did that, what was coming next. But in spite of my gut telling me not to, I succumbed and did it anyway. As I leaned over her and put my hand on her hand, she leaned back and brushed her boobs against my chest. They felt as large as they looked. I was dangerously close to doing something I knew better than to do, but I didn't..not just yet. We made the shot..then I backed  away.
I could see she was getting frustrated, but not deterred. I went to take my turn, and as I turned around, she was in my face, and flat out kissed me. What a kiss it was! Extremely passionate, and smoldering. Hands everywhere, and no hesitation at this point. We were doing this. Right here. Right now. It was a back room, but it wasn't a closed room. However, I didn't care, and she certainly didn't. She wanted me, and was gonna have me, whether it was here, or at the bar, or back at her place.
As we made out, there will no limits. My hands were under her sweater, and I was caressing her boobs, something she was encouraging and as I did that, she kissed with more passion as each moment passed.
There seemed to be no end to where this was heading.  We continued to make out, and I noticed out of the corner of my eye that others were passing us to go to the washroom, which was on the other side of the pool table room.
That did not stop us though. A few almost entered the room but just turned back and went to the bar. Others went through,  had a peek, then just went on their way. A couple of women stopped..and watched..but said nothing. Mary Ann didn't care either way. I cared, but was too involved to stop anyway. I was always weak like that.
I could feel that her nipples were getting very hard, but that wasn't enough for her.  She wanted more,  and she wanted it now.
My hands were now on her ass, and it was very soft and round. She was very pretty and attractive, but had about 15 or 20 pounds to spare,  and that made her very soft to the touch. My hands were on her ass, but inside her panties, and she was moving her ass from side to side so we both could get as much pleasure out of it as possible. She then leaned back and pulled off her jeans. That was a bit startling, as I hadn't expected even her to go that in the open of the bar.
But, I didn't care. Her panties were still on, but I pulled them to the side and began licking her, right there  on the pool table. I had never done anything that bold, but it just seemed to flow, so I did it. She didn't seem to care that we were doing this in the wide open,  so neither did I. As she was about to orgasm, I saw a black eight ball lying beside her, and I grabbed it. As my tongue was massaging her clit, I took the eight ball and put it inside her. It was a spur of the moment thing,  something I hadn't thought of doing, nor had ever done before. Between my tongue and the eight ball, she let out a loud yell as she orgasmed.
At that point,  we stopped, kissed again, and went back to the bar. There was more to come for sure, but that was all for now.

Friday, November 11, 2011



Tell me something, just between the two of us:

What is it that makes you cum when you're alone with just your own hungry, horny mind?

What do you like to--no, need to imagine to bring about that sweet release?

What position is she in?' You can tell me. Truth is, I already know.

Is she submissive? Tied up? Kneeling down? Or are you?

Say it! Write it! Draw it! Confess! Here is the truth of it: You are standing over her, your hands around the back of her head as she kneels before you. Or maybe you're leaning back in a comfy chair. Or against the headboard in your bed. But she is kneeing before you, this I know.

Tell me you imagine just ramming your cock down her throat. Then yank her head back by her hair just enough to look down and see her hanging breasts.

Tell me this is not making you horny now.


My response


She wakes up horny. She just wants to be fucked. Not about making love. Not about the love of her life. She has needs and she needs them filled.  She has been dreaming all night. About being licked,  kissed, sucked and penetrated. Until she can't take it anymore.
But those were just dreams. Now she is awake, lying in bed. Just a nightie on to cover her burning hot flesh that is aching for touch. Human touch. A mans touch.
Underneath, just her panties on. They are wet from her dreams and the thought of me running my tongue all over her body.
Visualizing her with her panties still on, her hand inside them. Her thinking of me, of my tongue inside her. Inside her pussy, lips separated as I lick her clit. Her back arched and her boobs like mountains, but firm and taught.
 Those panties are now off and lay on the floor. They are not needed anymore.
She is awake now but still thinking, fantasizing about her dream lover. Me. I am that dream lover. Kissing her neck as I move lower, then teasing her nipples until they are hard. In reality, they are hard now, thinking about me teasing them hard has made them hard. Fantasy and reality are now blurred. How inviting they are. Just aching for my soft lips to take them in my mouth and kiss them like I was kissing her lips.
Suddenly it is not fantasy anymore. I am there. On her. In her. One with her. Our bodies rock back and forth together. We kiss passionately as I push inside her. Each push in and out more intense than the one before. The light in her eyes as it glows in ecstasy.
Now she is on her stomach on the bed. Her shapely hips and inviting ass spread as I lean over her back with my chest. She likes it from behind. I can go deeper. Push harder. She can push back harder. Kiss the back of her neck and pull her hair as we are just about ready to cum together. In the mirror I see her naked body, nipples hard, pussy wet as I push inside her one last time. Her eyes closed, my hands on her hips, I shoot inside her as she screams out.
She pushed me away instantly. I am on my back. She wants to taste it. She takes my cock in her mouth and devours any amount of my cum she can. This satiates her greatest desire. Many parts of me are in many parts of her.