Monday, February 20, 2012

Redondo Beach : Part 1

                                              RED LIGHT                

We had been chatting and bantering for weeks, two writers passing the time between passages and enjoying each others company, online but not in person. But it had come to the point that we were going to meet. It was potentially exciting for both of us, as we had been on the edge of some pretty hot chat lately. She found me attractive, and I'd remembered way back when I first friended her that she had a pretty nice set of breasts and she had now indicated through our chat and her stories that she liked the idea of having them handled. We both knew that we fantasized in private about each other that way and we were both wildly sexual.
So as I set out into the driveway and got into the car, the thought of wild passionate sex with a hot experienced woman was definitely on my mind. The goal was to write some scripts together and that was surely to happen at some point, but today that was not really on my mind. All I could think about was caressing those large tits and sucking her nipples until they were standing erect and her sucking me until she was ready for me to enter her, and I had the feeling that she was going to be good at that too.
I pulled into her driveway ten minutes later, a nice stately southern home in the heart of Tar Heel country. It was average, pretty but not spectacular, daisies growing along the side of the house and a big pine tree on either side of the front door.
I rang the doorbell. She came to the door. We sort of kissed on the cheek and hugged each other.
She was wearing cut off jeans and a t-shirt and definitely no bra, that was pretty obvious. I'd had large breasted women before, and most had just loved to have them rubbed, it was a source of pleasure, joy and pride for them. And I was always good with that.
She cried out "hey, take a seat on the couch, I've got lemonade in the kitchen, I'll bring a pitcher out." I didn't mind that one bit as it was a very hot and humid summer day and the air conditioning in my car had been out for a few weeks, so I was thirsty and figured I might need the refreshments anyway.
She came back and sat down. She poured me a glass and herself one as well. I quickly noticed that although she had kids, they were nowhere to be seen. Was this a sign?
She asked, "so what are we gonna write about today."
I responded while looking deep into her clear blue eyes, " I don't know lets just see where it takes us, kind of like online we'll just play it by ear".
She said "cool, just wait a minute I'll be right back"
A couple of minutes went by. At this point I was already pretty hard. The sight of her without a bra really had set me off.
She came out of the bedroom, and it was pretty obvious what was going to happen next. As she approached she had a different t-shirt on, this time much longer and there was no jean shorts.
She sat down next to me and took my hand. She looked me in the eyes, and cried out softly.
"We both know you didn't come here to write today, did you"
"No I did not" I responded as she moved my hands on to her hips.
She leaned in and we embraced, as she lifted my shirt off and began kissing my chest.
"So lets cut to the chase and get started then" she shouted out.
As I moved my hands along her hips and up under her t-shirt, I noticed that she didn't have any panties on, and that she had an ample dark haired bush which I anticipated would be seeing my tongue fairly shortly.
The tension was white hot, and I think from our conversations she knew some of what I might like. I had mentioned that I had once had a beautiful woman with large breasts who insisted on keeping her top on while we did it. So was she doing this deliberately, to set me off, to get both of us off.
Frankly, I really didn't care, I was at the promised land and how the journey had gotten me there was pretty irrelevant.
I now had her top up around her shoulders and my tongue was making circles around her nipples, just as I had imagined in the car on the way over. She had her hands on my pelvis and was slowly removing my shorts and what was underneath. So, this was really gonna happen, all the foreplay over the phone and computer was now history. This was the real deal.
Things were moving very quickly, and I quickly paused and our mouths met, her ample breasts now fully exposed and my rock hard cock right there for her to see. We kissed slowly and passionately for about 3 or 4 minutes,  some tongue and mostly lip and some back of the ear, all the time firmly but softly clutching at each others butts in a sensual motion that was making us hotter by the minute.
By this point my two middle fingers were deep inside her and she was now sucking her fingers and gyrating uncontrollably. This was going to happen, and fairly soon. We both got up and headed to her bedroom,  and she let go of my hand and moved towards the bed, lifting the t-shirt now up and over her head to reveal her unbelievably sexy full figure, everything in the place it needed to be and just enough meat to make the groping just right.
My shorts dropped while I admired her stunning naked body, just as I had imagined it, as beautiful as the day she was born.
She didn't lie on the bed however, she moved towards the long mirror in the corner and stood with her back facing me, looking right at me from the mirror and licking her lips. She inserted one finger inside herself while pushing her left breast up towards her mouth and sucking it herself.
I made my way over to the mirror and brushed up against her back while placing my hands on her boobs and meshing them together upwards and then running my hands down them until I was at the bottom portion of the boobs and finally just above the line where her bush ended and her belly button began.
She cried out "take me here, now, from behind and don't stop until I tell you."
And so I did, I was deep inside her in seconds, both of us still standing but her slightly bent over.
Ecstasy. That's what it was. No other description would do it justice. Ecstasy yes it certainly was.
And it was full contact, my hands firmly groping her large shapely breasts while I pounded into her like a cowboy riding an ornery bucking horse.
After about 10 minutes, we slowed down a bit, and I pulled out. She grabbed my hand, kissed my neck, slumped down and began sucking me off, and said:
"Now its my turn to give to you", and she sucked me gently and just right. She'd obviously done this before and knew just how to do it. She used her tongue judiciously and eventually began sucking my balls while she used her hands to extend me out and back. There was clearly going to be no end to this experience. It seemed like we were going for hours and could keep doing that, when in reality it had barely been 15 minutes from the time I first had my hands on her hips on the couch.
Then she led me to the bed and nudged me to lie back against the headboard and rest my head on the pillow as I waited in anticipation for her next move. She moved on top of me and we clutched hands as she thrust her pussy towards my mouth. I knew what she wanted and I was happy to give it to her. I tongued her for about 3 minutes while she arched her back and clutched our hands together then moved them together as she rubbed one nipple and me the other.
She then spun around and we were in a full 69 embrace. It was now hotter than ever, her sucking me while I licked her and I was at the point of almost blacking out. Luckily enough we were heading towards the end. She released my cock, then bent over and put it between her sweet soft tits. She began rubbing it between them and I was close to cumming and I think she knew that. All of a sudden she stopped and got up and went into the shower and motioned for me to follow.
When I got there I realized it wasn't actually a shower but was a hot tub and the water was already queued up just right, She got in and layed back against the upper railing where she spread her legs wide. I got on top of her and was pounding it into her in the missionary position as we kissed hard and furiously. It wasn't going to be long and within 2 or 3 minutes she had probably cum 4 or 5 times already. I was certainly ready for an explosion, a full view of her naked body in the missionary position and I was about to pull out to cum when she cried out.
"No, don't pull out, I want to feel your hot cum inside me, all of it"
The next thing I remember I was in my car and I almost ran a red light. And metaphorically, I already had.

Redondo Beach : Part 2

                     REDONDO BEACH

It was a typical California night. Warm but not humid, smoggy but not unbearable. They'd agreed to meet at a beach restaurant just off the main strip. Redondo Beach was not the hot spot it had been 30 years ago. Ever since the big fire that burned some of the boardwalk back in 93, the allure and charm of one of Americas great hot spots had faded somewhat. But sipping margaritas while the surf rushed in and feeling the mist from the Pacific ocean was still a pleasant rush to the senses.
It was their first face to face meeting, and since the action had been hot and heavy online, the atmosphere was both relaxed and electric at the same time. They had agreed to keep it distant yet friendly, and that is why they were meeting in public. But both knew that was not going to be an easy task. She really really wanted it and he was tempted like never before.
She came packing ammunition, all the things she knew turned him on from their conversations. The dark hair in a pony tail, the t-shirt with no bra, and the jean shorts with the holes in just the right places.
After the drinks were consumed, they decided to skip dinner because neither were hungry.
She said "lets take a walk on the boardwalk" and off they went.
As they moved up the ramp the tension was building. It was getting dark out and there weren't many people around. Suddenly public was appearing to be private, and as the sun started to set it was getting darker and darker. When they reached the end of the boardwalk and stepped onto the beach, she leaned in and moved his hand over her tits, and said "please, I cant take it, I know what I said, but we both want it, you know it and I know it"
They then kissed while he rubbed her nipples to make them hard under her t-shirt, her hands rubbing his behind under his shorts. She was already wet and he was already hard. They had certainly passed the point of no return.
They parted bodies for a second and then she grabbed his hand and led him under the boardwalk behind the bridge. They were going to do it there, right then and there.
As they reached the point that certainly gave them the privacy they needed, she lifted her t-shirt up and exposed the most beautiful breasts he had ever seen. They were everything he'd imagined. And she knew what to do to make sure he wasn't going to back out. She placed her boob in his mouth and told him to suck until her nipples were hard and pointy, which they already were anyway.
Ten seconds later all the clothes went flying. They were both completely naked and this time they weren't going to waste any time with foreplay. They had done more than enough of that online so they were at the point that they just wanted to bang the crap out of each other.
She leaned back and he could see she wasn't lying when she said she shaved. But he was pleasantly surprised to find she had the shaving into the shape of a little heart. His favorite porn fantasy gimmick, and she had read his mind.
He licked her softly until her clit was now hard and raw and didn't waste any time. No blow job, no more foreplay. It was time to fuck, to fuck and to fuck hard and fast. That was going to be the tone of how their first encounter went down.
He looked her over and was pleasantly surprised. She said she'd been going to the gym and it showed. While she still had the curves and the large beautiful breasts, she was now much slimmer and athletic than she had appeared in her photos.
He pulled his tongue out and rammed his cock into her. And ramming they were doing. And she was waiting, just waiting for him to deliver on the promise he had boasted at online, a promise he fully intended to deliver on. To get her all revved up and yet catch her at a relaxing moment and then go so deep, deeper than she had ever felt, deeper than she had ever imagined, to a place where pleasure of that magnitude had only been imagined before, to the very end of her womanhood. But not yet. First they would just grind, bang, and just build the passion that had been smoldering for 4 months now.
They went along this way for about an hour, and she couldn't believe that he could deliver that stamina that he had boasted of. But now he had. Suddenly he pulled out and pushed her to the ground. By this time she had cum 6 or 7 times and was definitely looking for more. He pinned her to the ground and put all of his weight on her as he re entered her and pounded 6 or 7 times and then came in a furious rush. She was disappointed that it was over, he had cum.
But it wasn't over. He had cum but he wasn't stopping. She had never experienced a man who could give that to her yet he was still going. Never even missed a beat. By this time her hands were on his butt and she was pulling him in ever tighter.
  He leaned her head in, grabbed her ponytail and pulled her lips to his and whispered.
"Stand up and then bend over and put your hands on the sand"
She didn't know what to expect but she wasn't about to resist any offer from him at this point.
As she got her hands on the sand, he grabbed her hips and lifted her legs up onto his shoulders and re entered her sharply. He was now doing her from behind while she stood on her hands and he drove downwards into her from behind, the ultimate of physical sensation for which she hadn't felt before. Since he had cum, he had a good hour at least left in him and they kept at it, dripping in sweat. Finally, dripping in sweat and nude, they stopped and they rested for about 10 minutes.
Then he mentioned to her that he'd like to swim nude in the ocean to cool off. They got up and ran full speed into the night ocean and swam until their bodies met again and this time they fucked face to face him holding her up by her butt while she wrapped her arms around his neck and they banged to the sound of the Doobie Brothers China Grove in the background. It was the ultimate rocking fuck song and they did until they both came together in one final rush. They then exited the water and lay together naked until the sun began to rise and they said their goodbyes until next time.
Which seemed like a certainty at this point.

Redondo Beach : Part 3

                     Little Sister

Four weeks had passed since the encounter under the boardwalk, and it was pretty obvious there would be another encounter. It was just too good.
We agreed to meet when she went back home to Port Huron, as that would be a reasonable enough halfway point.
I arrived in Sarnia and crossed the Bluewater bridge, the usual long lineup. It had been a three hour trip and I was looking forward to the visit, albeit not the to town of Port Huron.
We met at her house, she was in the back barbecuing, it was her mothers place and she was staying for a few days. Her parents were out of town, but her sister was staying in the house as well.
Both of them were in bikinis and while she cooked her sister was lounging in the pool. As she came out of the water, I could see she was just as attractive but totally different in shape. She was a brunette, had a trim and smaller figure, much smaller breasts and a very cute behind.
As she arose from the pool, although her breasts were small,  her nipples were hard and pierced through her suit..and she noticed that I noticed. I got the sense that the sisters had been talking, as I could see that she looked at me as if she knew of my abilities. I'd certainly seen that look before.
She greeted me
"Hey I'm Cindy, Heidi's sister"
"Yeah, I'm Mike."
"Oh yeah Mike, I know all about you, Heidi has told me stories."
Out of nowhere she gave me a big hug, and I could feel her nipples as she pressed against my chest.
It wasn't your normal hug, I could feel her intensity and she was every bit as hot and passionate as her sister.
I sat down and the three of us ate our burgers and made light conversation. We all knew what we knew but we never discussed it.
After lunch we went inside and I was tired so I went upstairs to the room I was staying in and had a nap. I had a feeling I was in for a long night and needed to be well rested.
I awoke groggy but refreshed and the plan was to go out for dinner, just Heidi and me, as her sister was going out with some of her friends and wasn't there when I went downstairs.
We proceeded to the restaurant and ordered two margaritas; that seemed to be "our drink". We ate dinner and sat side by side in the booth. It had been four weeks and we were raring to go, to recreate the magic, even though we had mutually got each other off on line several times in the interim.
Under the table, we carefully played, her rubbing me and I in turn gently pressing my fingers against her clit underneath her sundress, as she didn't have on any panties.
Dinner ended and we headed home. Her sister was not home yet.
Heidi whispered as we hit the living room.
"Lets take a swim."
As quickly as I knew it, she lifted up her sundress over her shoulders and her wondrous naked body was once again visible, her massive beautiful breasts just as lovely as the time before. I'd had a taste so I knew what I was getting this time.
She dove in the pool and swam to the shallow end. I was naked as well at this point and swam towards her. We embraced and she leaned back as I gently kissed her nipples until they were hard. It was a chilly night and the water was room temperature, so her nipples were somewhat hard already from the coolness of the water.
The last time under the boardwalk was dark, but this time, although darkness had set in long ago, I could see her body much clearer as the lights from the backyard shone above us. Her nipples were wondrous and utterly tempting, pink in color and pointy like pencil erasers, every mans fantasy come true. I sucked them for what seemed like an eternity. She was even hotter and more into it, if that was possible, than before. Then she pushed me back and began to suck my cock. She was good before, I had remembered that, but she was out of this world this time. She licked me all over, carefully, sensually, using her tongue and her lips together in unison like I'd never experienced before.
 I'd not noticed before, but she had luscious full lips, and at this point they were more than for show. She took me deep down inside her mouth, still using her tongue while I fucked her mouth. Then she leaned back and wrapped her ample boobs around my cock and squished it between them as I fucked her tits, they were the softest I'd ever felt, and big,  it felt as good as pussy. And it set her off just as much as if I were inside of her.
She was moaning uncontrollably at this point. It was obvious the foreplay was not going to last as long as previous times, as she slumped back and I just started pounding into her. It was hot and electric, we both wanted it so much that neither of us really cared about anything at all going on around us.
But, out of the corner of my eye, I could see her sister, Cindy, naked except for her bikini bottoms. She was watching us and fingering herself inside her bikini, which was now pulled down enough that I could see her trimmed but not shaven bush. She wasn't playing with her nipples but they were hard anyway.
We continued on until I moved Heidi onto her stomach and started giving it to her from behind, the way I knew from conversations that she liked it. She was fuller figured and from behind always worked better with bigger girls like her, as you could push harder without hurting and heighten the pleasure that way. Her tits were giggling as I rammed into her, and I began to get closer, to the point that I was almost on top of her from behind and we were as close as you could get from that position. We were gonna get it done right there. She came first and then she realized I was going to cum and she had told me before that it really got her hot to have me cum in her mouth so she could swallow all of it, it was one of her fetishes. She turned around and took me inside her mouth as I unloaded and she just swallowed as promised then removed my cock from her mouth. She kissed and licked the tip until I wasn't hard, which was about 5 minutes.
We then went for a swim to cap off the night and retired to each of our rooms. I watched a little TV and then drifted off to sleep.
Suddenly though, I awoke to find that my cock was being sucked. I guess that Heidi wanted more, and I was sure ready, so I just lay back and enjoyed the experience. I couldn't see much but it felt different, but still great.
I got upright, and to my surprise, but not complete surprise it was little sister Cindy, and not Heidi.
Of course I didn't mind, as I had already thought in my mind that I would be ready for her if she came knocking.
She entered the room completely naked, and obviously I knew what she wanted.
She was every bit as sexy as her sister, and yet totally different. But she had one thing in common.
She said: " I want what you're giving my sister, and I want it now"
In seconds I was on top of her and inside her, no foreplay, no messing around, no kissing, just straight out fucking, she was hot for it and she was going to get it. It was full out full blown passion and she was taking it just like her sister.
Slowly I began to explore more of her, laying her down and squeezing her small but perky little tits and then playing with her nipples with the edge of my teeth until they were fully erect. I quickly moved down to her pussy and licked her for a good ten minutes.
It was at this point that I noticed by the door that her sister was watching and of course fingering herself. I guess what I hadnt realized was that they were voyeurs in addition to very hot participators.
When she couldnt take it anymore, I re entered Cindy and now she was wetter than ever and moaning and screaming very loudly. I was on top and she had her hands on my ass and was pulling me in.
This was actually the first time we kissed and she was a great kisser, just knew how to use her tongue at the right time and had that soft touch that very few girls have.
At the height of passion, I felt Heidi, now behind me, grabbing my ass with her hands, and licking my balls as I pounded into Cindy. This was obviously something the sisters had done before and discussed in advance of this day.
And I loved it. And I didnt care. And I'd be back for more.

Redondo Beach : Part 4

                     Pool Party

 The next day, I awoke with a complete satisfied feeling on my face that you rarely have in life.
I made my way down for breakfast and Heidi had a glass of orange juice ready for me on the table. She again had that t-shirt on, no bra, no panties, and by now we had a comfort level to the point that she knew she could be as free and expressive as she was comfortable with.
She embraced me and I rubbed her behind and felt her pussy pound into stomach as I raised her up, but that's as far it went for now.
Cindy was on the patio, next to the pool, tanning face down on a towel, and naked as the day she was born. I made my way out to the patio, and she looked up into the strong sun as her eyes were shining bright when the sun hit them.
"Rub some lotion on me, all over me" she whispered softly.
On the patio next to the towel was a bottle of bronzed sun tan oil, and I began by rubbing some on the back of her neck. She immediately got very relaxed and I could see the seperation of her pussy walls as I made my way down the small of her back. She arched her back some and it became very apparent that she wanted more and that was what she was gonna get. I was only wearing a pair of shorts, I quickly removed those and entered her from behind, and was humping her while she lay on the towel. It was early morning but I was certainly ready for more and she was ready to give and take more.
After about 10 minutes, she rolled over and onto her back and pulled me closer, and inhaled me just as deep as her sister had the times before.
As I fucked her mouth and she sucked me in deep, her sister now had come onto the patio and removed her t-shirt. It was obvious that they had a talk this morning before I came down for breakfast, and I was gonna get an extra special treat.
As I pulled my cock out of her mouth, Heidi pulled me back and told me to go over to the edge of the pool, which I did.
She then got closer to Cindy, and the began gently tongue kissing, the way only two women who are not lesbians could do. I was in for that special treat, I was going to get to watch while they pleasured each other and I pleasured myself. They both knew that this was my ultimate fantasy, most guys ultimate fantasy, and that when the time came I would get to rejoin the action.
Cindy went first, as she dug her tongue into Heidi's pussy, all the while looking me straight in the eye as I stroked my cock, and Heidi just moaned in extasy. Heidi was playing with her ample breasts, squeezing them together and making the nipples almost touch each other, standing erect as the sun glistened off of them.
The only question in my mind at this point was who I was going to fuck first when my number came up again, as they were both so tempting I couldnt even begin to think where I might start.
At this point, Heidi had moved on top and Cindy was prone on the ground as they were in the 69 position. It was my cue to come back into the fray, which I did. Since Cindy was on the bottom, I entered her first, while Heidi continued to lick her and now me at the same time. It was an extraspecial thrill to have your cock licked by one woman while you fucked her sister. This went on for about 5 minutes, and even though I had always had extra special control to hold off from cumming, it was very difficult in this case, as the extra stimulation was almost too much to bear.
Heidi then pushed me back and the two sisters began kissing my cock, both on either side of me, and also partially kissing each other.
It was getting increasingly difficult to hold off. I almost had to cum at this point.
As they both kissed my cock..and kept kissing each other I came. But although I had shot my load, I didn't stop. I just kept their amazement. Cindy lay back again and I imposed my full body weight on her as I began to push inside her again. Heidi behind me was rubbing her boobs against my back as I fucked Cindy. Heidi wanted me inside her, badly, and she would get her turn again shortly.


Friday, February 17, 2012

Not Yet

                                                               Not Yet

I had been in town for 5 days now. Stayed at a hotel for the first 3, then in her spare bedroom for the 4th night. There was sexual tension but not much had happened. We had gone dancing, held hands and kissed a bit, but that had been it. We both felt that tension building, and it was coming to a head. We both knew I was leaving to go back home the next day, so if something was going to happen, it had to happen tonight.
I took an afternoon nap and she popped in to tell me we were having a bbq dinner in two hours. She said she was taking a shower and to meet her downstairs in an hour and we could start cooking. I got up half an hour later and got dressed in a t shirt and shorts. I dragged myself to the hallway and could hear her shower going.
The door to her bedroom was left open, on purpose I assumed. We were the only ones in the house at the time, and she had to know I would be passing by her door to the stairway down.
I couldn't resist. I peaked in to see. She was in the shower and I could see hints of her naked body. She was all soapy and massaging her breasts. I only glanced for a short while..and If she saw me she wasn't letting on she did. But she had to know I would, and was glad I was.
As I waited in the living room, she came down in a t shirt and shorts. That cute outfit she always wore that gave ample proof of her very beautiful body.
We went out to the deck and starting cooking the burgers. Her kids were now arriving and we gradually brought in dinner for them and us.
It was hot outside near the bbq,  and sweat was dripping down towards her cleavage. She knew I could see that, and it turned both of us on.
As we all sat and had dinner, we longingly were looking at each other. Something was going to happen. There was also corn, dripping with butter,  and she licked the butter off the corn just how she was likely gonna lick me. Her eyes were fixated on me as she did that.
After dinner, She went to her room and I watched a bit of football before I decided to head upstairs. The kids were now all gone again and we were alone in the house. I passed her room on the way to mine. I caught a glimpse of her as I passed.
She motioned to me from inside the door.
"Come into the room for a second"
As I entered the room, I could see she was very hot. Hot for it. There was a camera on the table and she was just looking at it.
She was obviously a very beautiful woman. But it had been a while since she had felt that way. She wanted to feel that way again. To feel like the desirable shapely woman she still was.
"take some pictures of me....for your eyes only"
She was dressed very skimpily, very sexy, Just a t-shirt, no bra..and very tight black lace panties which she was itching to take off. But that would wait.
It was clear she wanted more than pictures taken, but we started that way.
"I want you to take these pictures..and have them to remember me by" she gently told me.
As she began her poses, she was looking at me, licking her lips. It was clear this was meant to be more than just photos. As I got closer she arched her back and put her hands underneath her t-shirt. Her nipples were already poking through and she was now massaging them harder. She had very large expressive nipples, and they were very erect now.
Still under the t-shirt, but the bottom of the t shirt was now creeping up and had settled just below her nipples, where I could see the bottom of her large shapely breasts. I had only seen them before in her suggestive pics.
I kept taking pics, but I am sure she noticed how hard I was..and it was something she liked to see.
As I took more pics I was now closer to her, close enough that she could begin to touch me..and she was. Her hands moved off of her breasts and began to stroke the inside of my thigh as I continued to take snap more pics and my cock got harder and more erect.
She wanted me inside her and began putting one finger underneath of her panties and massaging her clit..something I would surely be doing soon myself.
I had taken enough pics at this point and she removed her hand from under her panties and pulled her t-shirt clear off. There they were, those large shapely breasts, with that birth mark on the inside of the left breast which always got my attention. I always longed to kiss that spot...and now I was about to.
She motioned with her fingers to come on top of her. I began with soft kisses, light kisses and gradually moved down her neck as my whole body covered hers. Her hands were on my back and underneath my t-shirt as she lifted if off.
As I was making my way towards her breasts, instead of kissing and licking them, as I usually would, I began caressing the two of them together to where the nipples almost touched each other. I used my thumb and index finger to manipulate them until they were very hard, then moved my head down and began using the edge of my teeth on the bottom of the erect portion to tease them. She had had enough and wanted me inside her mouth. She sprung up and ripped down my shorts and took me in her mouth. She was hot to suck me and I was as hard as I could be. She used her hands on the shaft as she sucked the tip..and licked the little bit of pre cum  that came out. It felt so good that I could have cum in her mouth, but I didn't. I was saving that for later when I was inside her and she could feel the entire thing deep inside her.
She continued to suck but then arched her back and put me in between her boobs and wanted me to fuck those. And I did. I was something we had both fantasized about and now we were actually doing it.
But that was only the beginning. She leaned back and I slipped off her panties, and she put her fingers just above her clit and motioned me in.

"Lick me"
She expected me to dive right in..but I didn't. Not yet. I started at her knees and worked the inside of her thighs. She wanted me to get her off, but I was going to tease her a bit more until she was even hotter. I licked and kissed my way to her pussy, but still did not touch it. I kissed the outside of the flaps as she began to swell, all the time wanting me to lick her. But I didn't. Not just yet.
I got up now, naked, and started taking more pictures of her. Now naked and playing with herself, massaging her breasts and inserting her fingers deep inside her very wet pussy, she wanted me to come back and lick her some more, this time right down the center, but I did not. Not yet.
Instead I gave her the camera and she began taking pictures of me while I stroked myself, all the time she was getting hotter..and wetter.
After 3 or 4 more pics, she dropped the camera and shouted
"Fuck me dammit"
We came together and embraced in one long kiss, two naked sweaty longing bodies. I still wasn't going to fuck her. Not yet.
She lay down back on the bed, on her back, and as I approached, I turned her over onto her stomach and spread her legs. She wanted it..and was going to get it. Just not what she expected. Not yet.
I kissed her pussy lips, which were now dripping wet, and inserted my tongue inside her. Deep inside her. She spread wider with each insertion. At this point after fucking her with my tongue for two minutes, her legs were now so wide apart that her clit was engorged and exposed. I took my fingers and moved her clit upright,and began gently to bite it. With each gentle bite she became more swollen that the previous one. After each bite there was a soft lick of my tongue and a gentle kiss with my lips.
It was now time. Time to enter her and satiate that desire for penetration she was longing for.
She again lay back,and as I came on top of her and inside her she put her arms around me neck. I grabbed her hips and lifted her up. We were now fucking, standing up, and I had her back pinned against the wall as we rocked against each other.
We both wanted to cum, as it had been a very long foreplay session. We were both ready to release all the tension that had built up inside. As we came together in one last kiss,  I pushed inside her and came as she felt my cum shoot inside her and she bit my neck with pure satiated desire.
As the passion settled and faded into a calm quiet,  we lay on the bed and kissed, both naked..for another 30 minutes. Would we do it again. Surely we would.
Just not yet.