Friday, February 17, 2012

Not Yet

                                                               Not Yet

I had been in town for 5 days now. Stayed at a hotel for the first 3, then in her spare bedroom for the 4th night. There was sexual tension but not much had happened. We had gone dancing, held hands and kissed a bit, but that had been it. We both felt that tension building, and it was coming to a head. We both knew I was leaving to go back home the next day, so if something was going to happen, it had to happen tonight.
I took an afternoon nap and she popped in to tell me we were having a bbq dinner in two hours. She said she was taking a shower and to meet her downstairs in an hour and we could start cooking. I got up half an hour later and got dressed in a t shirt and shorts. I dragged myself to the hallway and could hear her shower going.
The door to her bedroom was left open, on purpose I assumed. We were the only ones in the house at the time, and she had to know I would be passing by her door to the stairway down.
I couldn't resist. I peaked in to see. She was in the shower and I could see hints of her naked body. She was all soapy and massaging her breasts. I only glanced for a short while..and If she saw me she wasn't letting on she did. But she had to know I would, and was glad I was.
As I waited in the living room, she came down in a t shirt and shorts. That cute outfit she always wore that gave ample proof of her very beautiful body.
We went out to the deck and starting cooking the burgers. Her kids were now arriving and we gradually brought in dinner for them and us.
It was hot outside near the bbq,  and sweat was dripping down towards her cleavage. She knew I could see that, and it turned both of us on.
As we all sat and had dinner, we longingly were looking at each other. Something was going to happen. There was also corn, dripping with butter,  and she licked the butter off the corn just how she was likely gonna lick me. Her eyes were fixated on me as she did that.
After dinner, She went to her room and I watched a bit of football before I decided to head upstairs. The kids were now all gone again and we were alone in the house. I passed her room on the way to mine. I caught a glimpse of her as I passed.
She motioned to me from inside the door.
"Come into the room for a second"
As I entered the room, I could see she was very hot. Hot for it. There was a camera on the table and she was just looking at it.
She was obviously a very beautiful woman. But it had been a while since she had felt that way. She wanted to feel that way again. To feel like the desirable shapely woman she still was.
"take some pictures of me....for your eyes only"
She was dressed very skimpily, very sexy, Just a t-shirt, no bra..and very tight black lace panties which she was itching to take off. But that would wait.
It was clear she wanted more than pictures taken, but we started that way.
"I want you to take these pictures..and have them to remember me by" she gently told me.
As she began her poses, she was looking at me, licking her lips. It was clear this was meant to be more than just photos. As I got closer she arched her back and put her hands underneath her t-shirt. Her nipples were already poking through and she was now massaging them harder. She had very large expressive nipples, and they were very erect now.
Still under the t-shirt, but the bottom of the t shirt was now creeping up and had settled just below her nipples, where I could see the bottom of her large shapely breasts. I had only seen them before in her suggestive pics.
I kept taking pics, but I am sure she noticed how hard I was..and it was something she liked to see.
As I took more pics I was now closer to her, close enough that she could begin to touch me..and she was. Her hands moved off of her breasts and began to stroke the inside of my thigh as I continued to take snap more pics and my cock got harder and more erect.
She wanted me inside her and began putting one finger underneath of her panties and massaging her clit..something I would surely be doing soon myself.
I had taken enough pics at this point and she removed her hand from under her panties and pulled her t-shirt clear off. There they were, those large shapely breasts, with that birth mark on the inside of the left breast which always got my attention. I always longed to kiss that spot...and now I was about to.
She motioned with her fingers to come on top of her. I began with soft kisses, light kisses and gradually moved down her neck as my whole body covered hers. Her hands were on my back and underneath my t-shirt as she lifted if off.
As I was making my way towards her breasts, instead of kissing and licking them, as I usually would, I began caressing the two of them together to where the nipples almost touched each other. I used my thumb and index finger to manipulate them until they were very hard, then moved my head down and began using the edge of my teeth on the bottom of the erect portion to tease them. She had had enough and wanted me inside her mouth. She sprung up and ripped down my shorts and took me in her mouth. She was hot to suck me and I was as hard as I could be. She used her hands on the shaft as she sucked the tip..and licked the little bit of pre cum  that came out. It felt so good that I could have cum in her mouth, but I didn't. I was saving that for later when I was inside her and she could feel the entire thing deep inside her.
She continued to suck but then arched her back and put me in between her boobs and wanted me to fuck those. And I did. I was something we had both fantasized about and now we were actually doing it.
But that was only the beginning. She leaned back and I slipped off her panties, and she put her fingers just above her clit and motioned me in.

"Lick me"
She expected me to dive right in..but I didn't. Not yet. I started at her knees and worked the inside of her thighs. She wanted me to get her off, but I was going to tease her a bit more until she was even hotter. I licked and kissed my way to her pussy, but still did not touch it. I kissed the outside of the flaps as she began to swell, all the time wanting me to lick her. But I didn't. Not just yet.
I got up now, naked, and started taking more pictures of her. Now naked and playing with herself, massaging her breasts and inserting her fingers deep inside her very wet pussy, she wanted me to come back and lick her some more, this time right down the center, but I did not. Not yet.
Instead I gave her the camera and she began taking pictures of me while I stroked myself, all the time she was getting hotter..and wetter.
After 3 or 4 more pics, she dropped the camera and shouted
"Fuck me dammit"
We came together and embraced in one long kiss, two naked sweaty longing bodies. I still wasn't going to fuck her. Not yet.
She lay down back on the bed, on her back, and as I approached, I turned her over onto her stomach and spread her legs. She wanted it..and was going to get it. Just not what she expected. Not yet.
I kissed her pussy lips, which were now dripping wet, and inserted my tongue inside her. Deep inside her. She spread wider with each insertion. At this point after fucking her with my tongue for two minutes, her legs were now so wide apart that her clit was engorged and exposed. I took my fingers and moved her clit upright,and began gently to bite it. With each gentle bite she became more swollen that the previous one. After each bite there was a soft lick of my tongue and a gentle kiss with my lips.
It was now time. Time to enter her and satiate that desire for penetration she was longing for.
She again lay back,and as I came on top of her and inside her she put her arms around me neck. I grabbed her hips and lifted her up. We were now fucking, standing up, and I had her back pinned against the wall as we rocked against each other.
We both wanted to cum, as it had been a very long foreplay session. We were both ready to release all the tension that had built up inside. As we came together in one last kiss,  I pushed inside her and came as she felt my cum shoot inside her and she bit my neck with pure satiated desire.
As the passion settled and faded into a calm quiet,  we lay on the bed and kissed, both naked..for another 30 minutes. Would we do it again. Surely we would.
Just not yet.

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