Saturday, November 19, 2011

Eight Ball

I knew Kelly Kavanaugh from Kim's Tuesday jam on the Danforth at Quinn's. I had come to see Kim sing, but Kelly was great too. I always thought that Kim was the best live singer I had ever seen, but Kelly was as good if not better.
I rarely went to see Kelly sing at her own gigs, but she mentioned this one duet she was doing and I thought I would check it out.
There was never any danger of being attracted to Kelly. She was pretty enough, but certainly not my type in any way. I never minded a woman with a few extra pounds, but Kelly was grossly overweight and I have never found that attractive. However, I did like her personality and enjoyed her company,  and most of her interesting friends.
As I arrived at O'Reilleys, it seemed just like any other sports bar. The big screen TVs, the music blaring, the smell of chicken wings. A nice, quaint, good time bar with good time people. It was upscale enough that I didn't have to be concerned with bar fights and skanks hitting on me.
I spotted Kelly sitting at a table eating a salad, and sat down with her.
"Kelly, how goes it?"
"Great Mark, good to see you finally make it out to one of my gigs.
Kelly was sitting alone, but there was another plate,  with another salad on it.
It wasn't long before I found out who that plate belonged to. Kelly went up to start her first set, and I continued to sit at her table and ordered some fries. I love fries, and always ordered them at any bar I went to.
A few songs into the set, a girl, a beautiful girl, Mary Ann, sat down at the table, and started to eat the other salad.
"Hi, I'm Mary Ann, you?"
"I'm Mark, a friend of Kelly's"
She had a sweet smile and seemingly a shy and sweet personality. Or so I thought.
It was evident quickly that she was interested in me and we hit it off right away. I didn't let on that I was interested in her, because quite frankly, I had had a long week and wasn't really interested in hooking up this night. I already had two lousy dates that week, and I really just came for the music this time.

We felt comfortable enough with each other that she took fries right off my plate and we shared them. As Kelly's first set ended, she came back to the table and sat down.
"Oh, I see you two have met"
It was obvious that my previous exploits had traveled from Kim, to Kelly..and now to Mary Ann. They looked at each other and I knew that they had spoken about some of the things I had done, with Karen, and Kim,  and Michelle..and many others.
I didn't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that Mary Ann was interested in getting a taste of that action.
Mary Ann and I chatted for a few minutes while Kelly talked to another of her musician friends then got up and went to the washroom. Mary Ann kept giving me that "kiss me, fuck me" look as we chatted and looked into each others eyes. She wanted it, and I knew it.
She said "there is a pool table in the back room, I'm not very good, wanna play,  and you can teach me?"
"Sure, lets go"
So we made our way back to the pool room, and began to play. It was true,  she wasn't very good, but neither of us cared, because we both knew we weren't there to play pool. It was a small room,  and when you shot your turn, it was close quarters. She made sure I was aware of that, and I certainly was.
I hadn't noticed when we chatted, but under her sweater, she had no bra on, and her nipples were hard and I could see that. And she knew I could see that, and she wanted me to see that.
In spite of all  that, I still resisted touching her. I just had a feeling it was gonna be a bad idea. Later, a few months later, I was to find out that it was.
She leaned over to take a shot and told me to show her how to do it right. I knew if I did that, what was coming next. But in spite of my gut telling me not to, I succumbed and did it anyway. As I leaned over her and put my hand on her hand, she leaned back and brushed her boobs against my chest. They felt as large as they looked. I was dangerously close to doing something I knew better than to do, but I didn't..not just yet. We made the shot..then I backed  away.
I could see she was getting frustrated, but not deterred. I went to take my turn, and as I turned around, she was in my face, and flat out kissed me. What a kiss it was! Extremely passionate, and smoldering. Hands everywhere, and no hesitation at this point. We were doing this. Right here. Right now. It was a back room, but it wasn't a closed room. However, I didn't care, and she certainly didn't. She wanted me, and was gonna have me, whether it was here, or at the bar, or back at her place.
As we made out, there will no limits. My hands were under her sweater, and I was caressing her boobs, something she was encouraging and as I did that, she kissed with more passion as each moment passed.
There seemed to be no end to where this was heading.  We continued to make out, and I noticed out of the corner of my eye that others were passing us to go to the washroom, which was on the other side of the pool table room.
That did not stop us though. A few almost entered the room but just turned back and went to the bar. Others went through,  had a peek, then just went on their way. A couple of women stopped..and watched..but said nothing. Mary Ann didn't care either way. I cared, but was too involved to stop anyway. I was always weak like that.
I could feel that her nipples were getting very hard, but that wasn't enough for her.  She wanted more,  and she wanted it now.
My hands were now on her ass, and it was very soft and round. She was very pretty and attractive, but had about 15 or 20 pounds to spare,  and that made her very soft to the touch. My hands were on her ass, but inside her panties, and she was moving her ass from side to side so we both could get as much pleasure out of it as possible. She then leaned back and pulled off her jeans. That was a bit startling, as I hadn't expected even her to go that in the open of the bar.
But, I didn't care. Her panties were still on, but I pulled them to the side and began licking her, right there  on the pool table. I had never done anything that bold, but it just seemed to flow, so I did it. She didn't seem to care that we were doing this in the wide open,  so neither did I. As she was about to orgasm, I saw a black eight ball lying beside her, and I grabbed it. As my tongue was massaging her clit, I took the eight ball and put it inside her. It was a spur of the moment thing,  something I hadn't thought of doing, nor had ever done before. Between my tongue and the eight ball, she let out a loud yell as she orgasmed.
At that point,  we stopped, kissed again, and went back to the bar. There was more to come for sure, but that was all for now.

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