Thursday, November 22, 2012

We both know what this is, and we are both okay with it

She wanted to fuck me. I wanted to fuck her. There was no confusion about that. It wasn't spoken, but it was understood. I was only going to be in town for a few hours, and we didn't have time to act like kids, play kids games. We agreed to meet up for dinner. This wasn't some anonymous one night stand thing. We weren't two strangers in a bar. We weren't fuck buddies. But dinner was going to be short,  and we were going to get right to it.
It was never spoken, but always understood. We both wanted to taste the fruit of the other. It was never spoken, but we both knew that we thought about how great the other would be in bed with us. Just something we both knew.
Dinner went well. No flirting. No touching. No suggesting.  It was civil. Cordial. The conversation was interesting. Stimulating. We were like minded in that respect. We had more to us than just the sex that was about to happen. But,  we certainly had that element. And we only had these few hours. It might be years until opportunity knocked again.
We both had others and we both knew that. Neither of us cared. We were going to fuck each other. Because we wanted to. Because we had to. Sometimes you just know you have to do something, and we knew we had to do this.  We both wanted it and we were going to be selfish about it.
Dinner was over now. She looked at me,  and we still had never said anything about any of it. Never. It had never come up in the conversation, but the time was now at hand. I had booked a hotel for the night, not to be with her,  but just to stay over and sleep.
She looked at me and said "Now?" And I said "Yes, now."
And off we went.
We still had never touched each other. We embraced very briefly just as we met for the first time at the restaurant, but that was nothing special. No kiss, no roaming hands. No pressing boobs into chest. None of that.
As we entered the room,  she turned and I was ready.  Full on making out, her hands already on my ass as my hands slid under her top and teased her nipples.
"Oh my god, I was waiting for that. Lets get to it.  I can't wait any longer for you to be inside me."
We fucked like wild animals, in the most passionate way imaginable, for hours. Best night of sex ever. When it was over, she got up and left and it was done. Finished. Like something that needed to be completed and it now was. There likely would be a second time, somewhere deep in the future, but there didn't have to be. This time had to be. One of those things you just have to do, and you know it. It was inevitable and there was zero resistance anyway.
She did things to me that I knew she would. That no other woman ever did or ever could. And I knew in advance she would. She had that vibe. I am sure she felt the same way. Now they were done. Did I want a second bite at the apple? Yes, but I was okay with it if it never happened. I needed that first bite and now I had had it. Nothing was ever going to approach that first time. If I had died without ever doing it, it would have been a regret.  And I don't do regrets. I got the exact same feeling from her about it.
In the years after, we went back to being how we always were.  We never spoke or mentioned anything about it. Not even once. It was done. It needed to be done and it was now done.
I didn't even fantasize about her.  What was there now to fantasize about? I had taken it all and she had taken all from me. The whole experience was complete. In many ways, I still wanted a second bite at the apple, but I knew I wasn't going to get one, and I shouldn't have one. To even think of tampering with what happened was never worth the risk or ruining it. It was perfect in every way.
And we left it that way. I will always have that now. And no one can take it away. I certainly wasn't going to be the one to take it away.

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