Monday, November 19, 2012

Black Nightie: Friends With Impediments

 Part 1

I had known Danielle for about two years. Only online. She lived way too far away to make any sort of meeting practical. It was no secret we had this weird sexual chemistry, albeit even if it was just online. I think I knew that if we ever met, no matter how well intentioned, that we were going to hook up and do all the things we always talked about doing to each other.
As it happens, we were both single when I met her. She lived in Mobile and I was on my way to L
ittle Rock to do some scouting for a project. I decided to meet her for dinner and then I was to stay in her spare bedroom. Completely platonic.  That is what we said we would keep it. I knew better, she knew better, but we wanted to at least lie to each other up front so that we could say that we did. We both had no intention of sticking to that. We both knew that. In the back of our minds, we were both thinking in the last 24 hours prior about what it was going to be like when we got naked and had our way with each other. The attraction and desire was that strong.
I had the taxi
drop me off at the restaurant she chose for dinner.  Texas Corral. Real southern type meal. Big portions. A meat eaters paradise. 
Dinner was casual. We embraced when we met and I could feel how soft her very feminine body was. Exactly as I thought it would be. She was all girl. She liked my hard body. That was no secret. I was no body builder or fitness freak,  but I was well put together and solid. She could feel that,  and I could tell she could feel that. The embrace lasted just a shade longer than it should with those that are "just friends". But then, we were never just friends. There was always a hint of something just a little more. Then a lot more. We both fantasized a lot about each other. That was no secret either, as we had told each other in detail about that.
We sat across from each other, not side by side,  so there was no touching or suggestive flirting going on. However, she wore a ver
y low cut top, something she knew would hold my attention. She was always very self conscious about her boobs,  which were very large for her frame (or anybody's frame for that matter) but with me she liked it that I loved boobs and desired hers. She felt comfortable that I wanted her sexually but didn't objectify her like most guys would do when the sight of those very enticing boobs were on display. It turned her on more to know I was looking at them and thinking how I was going to touch them and then kiss and lick them, possibly later.  It only made her wetter, and I could tell by the look in her eyes that she was definitely wet. That only turned me on more.

We had lots to talk about,  as always,  but both of us could tell our minds were pre-occupied with ravishing each other the first chance we got. We never spoke about it, as we both intended to at least keep up pretenses that we were going to stick to our agreement and keep it platonic.
Dinner ended and we headed off home. We held hands ca
sually as we headed to her car. Nothing more than that, but we could feel the electricity between us in our hands. I had taken a taxi from the airport to the restaurant, so she drove. It was 15 minutes back to her home. As we entered the door,  her cat, which she adored, greeted me right away and instantly became my best friend. That happened a lot with me. One more reason she was turned on by my presence. A man who can gain the trust of an animal knows how to treat women. Most women know that. She knew that. She knew what she was in for and she was going to have me tonight. If there was even a hint of uncertainty to that point, it vanished in that moment.
 We chatted for a bit and she offered me a snack. I sat on the couch,  now changed into my sweats and a t-shirt, as she brought me a few cookies and a coke. We sat close enough to touch,  but we did not. At times we moved closer,  then backed away. I could see that she had changed as well.  Her bra was now off under her sweater and I could see that her nipples were a bit harder. Of course, she noticed that I noticed.
It was getting late, and I decided it was time to head off to bed.  We embraced, and we were very close to a goodnight
kiss, but even still, we both held out. I am sure she could feel how hard I was under my sweats as I pressed against her.  Later,  she recounted to me how she almost just dropped to her knees and was about to suck me off. But she didn't. The sexual tension was super high, but again,  somehow, we managed to hold back.
I made my way to my room, and lay on the
bed. I expected at some point for her to come visit me. I just knew this night was not over. I just then realized that I had not taken a shower since the night before. I wanted to be clean and fresh, in case something did happen between us, which I was certain at this point it would.
The shower was in the common room and I made my way ther
e. I didn't lock the door, more so because I didn't think of it than anything else.
As I got undressed and headed into the shower, I was very horny. Didn't take long until my mind wandered and I was stroking myself, with thoughts of her naked body against mine, as I pressed her against the wall of the shower and pushed myself up inside her, all the while our tongues fumbling between ourselves and our hands exploring. It was more than I could bare. I was close to cumming, but I ended the shower just short of that.
She was watching me the
whole time, just outside the door, her fingers deep inside her pussy as she moaned lightly at the thought of my large dangling cock pushing inside her. She barely scurried away as I began to towel myself off. I never knew she was there, but I would not have minded if she just surprised me in the shower. I would have been glad to fuck her, right then and there.

 Back to my room, still naked except for the towel and a new t-shirt on, I was tired and she hadn't come to the room as I expected. I fell asleep, but woke quickly and was now very hard, hard like you get when you are deep inside a woman and ready to cum. Fully hard. I needed to get off, to release the incredible tension inside me.
As I awoke and was now stroking, my mind and attention was clearly focused on her image. I hadn't noticed, but at som
e point while I was getting off, she had slipped into the room as was watching me. I noticed, but I was neither startled nor shy about it. I just kept going.
She never skipped a beat either. There was a mirror in the corner. A long, full length mirror in which I could see her ample boobs ha
nging out of her tight black nightie and her ass exposed as the nightie had been lifted.
As I walked towards her, our eyes met and my cock was hanging out, still fully hard. She looked a
t me and said
"It's time"


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